What is Shaghf Mall?

Shaghf Mall is an Ecommerce platform, designed specifically to facilitate the establishment of Emirati entrepreneurs and local vendors into the e-commerce market in UAE, at high quality and reasonable prices.

How to register as a vendor on Shaghf Mall Ecommerce Platform

To register as a vendor on Shaghf Mall for ecommerce, and get more information about Shaghf Mall membership fees, commission and cancellation policy, please visit the URL (https://shaghfmall.com/home/vendorshaghf/register)

 How to own a vendor shop on Shaghf Mall Ecommerce Platform?

You can own your shop on Shaghf Mall in just three steps: 

      Fill in ‘’book store form’’ and create a vendor account.

     Add your store logo and complete your profile.

     Add your products, prices, discounts and the full products description.

 How can I login to my account on Shaghf Mall?

After you complete the registration process, the support team will approve your store and send you a confirmation email with your login credentials. To access the login page, click on this link: https://shaghfmall.com/vendor

 What are the benefits of Shaghf Mall Membership?

please visit the URL (https://shaghfmall.com/home/vendorshaghf/register)


 Is there a fee for booking a store on Shaghf Mall ecommerce platform? 

There are no fees or charges to book a vendor store on Shaghf Mall.

 How to issue a business license and open a bank account with Shaghf mall and how much does it cost?

To know the fees and request issuing a business license and opening a commercial bank account, please contact Shaghf Mall Business Development team. 

 How the commission fees are calculated on Shaghf Mall Ecommerce Platform?

The commission fees are deducted on each successful sale transaction according to the product type. To know the commission fees for all the categories, please click on the link: https://shaghfmall.com/home/fees

 What are the cancellation fees and how it’s calculated?

The cancellation fees are the fees that are deducted when the vendor cancels a customer’s request before it’s shipped, and it’s calculated according to the product type. You can know more about the cancellation policy and fees from this link: https://shaghfmall.com/home/fees 

 How are the shipping fees calculated on Shaghf Mall Ecommerce?

The shipping fees are calculated according to the geographic area of the customer and are added to the final invoice which is paid by the customer.



 What is the cancellation and replacement policy on Shaghf Mall Ecommerce?

The client has the rights to cancel or ask for replacement of the products they received within 7 working days with prior written justifications. The vendor can indicate whether their products can be replaced or not. Products under the following conditions can’t be replaced or cancelled:

Products that are classified as hazardous materials or use flammable liquids or gases.

Products that have been used or damaged by the customer or are not in the same condition as they were received by the customer.

Products with tampered or missing serial numbers.

Products that fall under specific categories, including food, beverages, swimwear, underwear, hosiery, socks, hygiene related and personal care products and other products as specified by us in our absolute discretion at the time of placing the order.

Any other products described as non-returnable or non-refundable in the Shaghf Mall Return Policy from time to time.


 What are the products that are not sold on Shaghf Mall?

The following products are not sold on Shaghf Mall:



Medical Equipment

Real Estate, Homes and Lands


 Is there a minimum price for the sold products on Shaghf Mall?

There’s no minimum price for any products sold on Shaghf Mall


 Is there a minimum number for the listed products by vendors?

No, there’s no minimum number for the listed products. Vendors can list any number of products on Shaghf Mall.


 How can vendors store their products with Shaghf Mall?

Vendors wish to store their products with Shaghf Mall can communicate directly with Shaghf Mall team. Storage fees are calculated based on the products type, all the storage fees are listed on this URL: https://shaghfmall.com/home/fees 

 How much does the vendor membership cost and what are its benefits?

Shaghf Mall membership benefits are obtained as soon as the vendor registers, and it’s free of charge except of the following services: 

  • Business License.
  • Open Commercial Bank Account.
  • Professional Photography for the products.
  • Design tailored Social Media Posts and website banners for each store.